A Great Place For Fishing Puzzle

Have you ever been fishing on the Ohio River? I think it’s an awesome place. Try my puzzle and see why.

Click on the link below:

Original image titled: Sunset over the Ohio River

Image by USFWS at flickr

A Great Place For Fishing

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  1. 21spraac says:

    no, i have never been fishing at the Ohio River but id love to atleast try it out at least once sometime.

  2. 21buckap says:

    Hi Roman Wow that Link was very entertaining and really informational and factual. i never knew that was a great place for fishing. How many great places is there for fishing.

    1. romanfgms23 says:

      There are probably plenty of great places to go fishing.

  3. 21stulnj says:

    this is a great site for learning where to fish i will have to go there and fish sometime

  4. 21burrag says:

    Cool fishing place. Fishing is fun

  5. Charlene Marie Padila says:

    This is a great blog! I found it very interesting. Which would you say is your favorite spot?

    1. romanfgms23 says:

      My favorite spot is by the dam because there are a lot of fish there.

  6. 21hazeeq says:

    Well the Ohio River is a great place to fish depending on were you go I’ve been fish at river side stone a rock cor on Ohio River.
    how big of a fish have you caught out of the Ohio river my fish was 20 lbs. i enjoy the Ohio River a lot i own property in wolf creek you should come fishing with me.

    1. romanfgms23 says:

      I normally go to a dam with my friend. My biggest fish at the dam was about 5 pounds.

  7. lynnie57 says:

    Beautiful! I have never been to America and I don’t like to fish. I live in Australia. Some of my students fish and also spearfish and they blog about it. You might want to find their student blogs on our class blog (Harry and Kayden) on http://Lynnie57.edublogs.org

  8. Delashawn McNary says:

    That is very interesting

  9. Riley says:

    That is a very cool puzzle and it looks like a great place to fish. Come check out my blog on http://rileyhgms23.edublogs.org

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